Ride 24h in wonderland – or 6 hours

I must ride all 24 hours?

If you ride in Solo class – you can choose when to ride, when go to rest or dance, even go to sleep 🙂

If you ride in Pairs or Quads – you can choose how often and how long each of participant will ride or will rest.


24 hours competition: from 17.08.2019 12:00 till 18.08.2019 12:00

6 hours competition: from 17.08.2019 12:00 till 17.08.2019 18:00


Cēsu Olimpiskais centrs – biatlona trase [map]

The aim?

The mission of Teams is to go as many laps during the control time (24 or 6 hours) as possible.

Groups in 24h competition

Solo – one participant (men or women class)

Pairs – two participant (men or mix class)

Quads – four participant (men or mix class (at least one women in team)

During the competition for Pairs and Quads classes, only one Participant at a time is allowed to be in the track. The frequency and length of exchange is not regulated, it is organized by the Participants themselves.

[Regulation 24h]

Groups in 6h competition

If 24 hours is too much, you can enjoy 6 hours competition in Solo (men or women class). You can decide when to ride, when go to rest.

[Regulation 6h]

Participation fee?

Registertill 24.06.2019 – 35 EUR/participant

Register till 31.07.2019 – 40 EUR/participant

Register till 14.08.2019 – 45 EUR/participant


All the Participants are awarded with diplomas and surprise prizes

Participants/ Teams who got the places (1. – 3. place) will be awarded the sponsor prizes.

Cycle 24 hours in Wonderland and end up in Madeira

1. Participate in “24h MTB” race – solo class or 2-person team class, in 24h discipline, in any competition group.
2. During the race, according to 24h MTB rules, minimum distance must be as follows:

2.1. women – 140 km
2.2. men – 190 km

3.One winner will randomly be chosen from all competitors who will reach the mileage according to rules 2.1. and 2.2. The winner will be rewarded with a prize – trip to Madeira for two persons. Travelling duration: 24.10.2019 – 31.10.2019.