Regulations of Monster Ride’16

Halloween themed cross-country cycling competition “Monster Ride”
When: 29.10.2016
Where: Nature park “Zilie kalni”, starting point of the competition is here –

Moderate complexity. Track is located in the nature park “Ogres zilie kalni” (ski track, MTB tracks).
Scheme of the track: [Endomondo]
Lenght of a lap: ~4 km
Starting time: 15:00 (the Sun sets at ~16:43).

Competition procedure:
All age groups start the competition at the same time at 15:00.
The competition takes place in marked track.
The start is closed at 16:30 (new participants are not allowed to start the competition).
The participant who has finished the most laps becomes the winner. If several participants have finished an equal number of laps, the winner is the participant who finished the first.
The results are counted only if the participant has finished at least one lap.

Participants are divided in following groups:
Gentlemen (15 years and older)
Ladies (15 years and older)
Boys (12 -14 years)*
Girls (12 -14 years)*
* The age groups might be specified and depending on the request and after looking at the track younger participants might be allowed to take part in the competition.

Award ceremony:
The winners of thefirst three places from each age group will be awarded with Halloween prizes.
Surprize gifts for each participant who has special Halloween costume.
Special gift for the participant with the most frightening costume.

Required equipment:
Turned on tail light
While on track, the participants must wear fastened helmets

Suggested equipment:
Halloween decorations ?
Front light on handlebar or helmet as on the final laps poor visibility is forecasted. When starting the final lap at 16:30 , it will soon get dark.

Participation fee (pumpkin money):
When applying for the competition (on website ‘’) till 27.10.2016 (24:00) the participation fees are:
‘Gentlemen’ and ‘Ladies’: 10.00 EUR
‘Boys’ and ‘Girls’: 5.00 EUR

Participation fee on the competition day:
‘Gentlemen’ and ‘Ladies’: 15.00 EUR
‘Boys’ and ‘Girls’: 5.00 EUR

The pumpkin money provides:
Licenses and permissions for organization of the competition
Marking of the track
Participant numbers
Registration of time
Hot soup at finish zone
Hot tea at the competition zone
Surprize gifts

Other information
If a participant cannot finish a lap, when turning back to start zone he/she should inform the judges.
It is prohibited for the participants to litter the competition area and it is required to care for the environment.
During the competition, when using or crossing public roads, all participants should follow the road traffic regulations (and respect other visitors of the park).
Participation is considered to be applied in the competition when participant has filled the form and paid participation fee.
If a participant leaves the track, he/she must return to the same place where he/she left the track.
Each participant is obliged to help other participants in case of injury and call the organizers (phone number:+371 26364983) or call the ambulance (phone number: 113).

Association Briedis Bedrē Brikšķināja
Sanita Bitko (phone: +371 26364983, e-mail: